Managing your Data

& Sourcing New Customers!


Colourfast Printing is an official Canada Post Direct Marketing specialist


Addressed Admail

Need loyalty program information sent out?  Want to get samples to your potential customers?  To your existing customers, returning them to your location sooner?  Let Colourfast organize it for you!  At Colourfast, we have expert staff who take meticulous care in organizing data bases, getting your cards and other promotional material where you need them to be, when you want them there.

Whether you already have a database, or need to buy one to source new customers, Colourfast Printing can help you produce, mail, and track your mailing.

Database Management: Our services include: database cleansing (duplicate elimination, address correction, formatting), presort for bulk mailing, variable coding and more! Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Variable Data Printing: Using the latest in digital printing combined with your database, we can customize your mailing piece for each and every customer, maximising response rates.

Unaddressed Admail

Precision Targeting: Reach the people most likely to respond to your ad campaign by targeting areas closest to your business including criteria such as: home ownership type, family size, income level, and age group developed from the latest available StatsCan information.