Barcode Card Types

Barcodes are a series of wide and narrow bars that can be scanned. There are many different types of barcodes, the most common being Universal Product Code. Scanning these can bring it up in the POS system for instance when you shop for an item at your nearest mall. As a manufacturer of barcode gift cards, we apply barcodes to membership cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, and custom key tags.


Most popular types of
Plastic Cards with Barcodes

Code 39: Capable of encoding uppercase letters A-Z; digits 0-9; and special characters such as SPACE, minus (-), period (.), dollar sign ($), slash (/), percent (%) and plus (+). This barcode can be of any length, but the more characters encoded, the larger the symbol will be.


Sequential Numbering: We can create barcodes chronologically without issue as long as we are provided with the first starting number. Random Numbering: Using just a spreadsheet file (e.g. Excel, CSV) our manufacturing service can create bar code cards using the human readable numbers you provide us with.


Apart from other manufacturers, we can thermal print any barcode onto your card which can be useful if you already have cards printed including barcode membership cards and gift or plastic barcode cards

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