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We’ve got all your phone card printing needs covered! Create your ideal layout with all the data, information and security features that you need. Colourfast provides an all-inclusive phone card manufacturer’s service for all of your phone card printing requirements.  
As an environmentally conscious option – an eco-friendly – phone card printing solution is also available at Colourfast by producing your cards from our superior quality and sustainably-resourced paper products. In conjunction with our partners at NatureWorks we now offer products made from a plant-based polymer (Ingeo biopolymer) which is fully recyclable. This ingenious material is not only better for the environment but also provides a finished product of equally high impact to our traditional plastic products.

Help your customers stay in touch

Don’t feel limited to one size and shape for your phone cards – stand out with a unique card design. We have a lot of examples of cards and different sizing options, but if you feel your creative juices flowing, just talk to one of our design team – they’ll be happy to help! In addition to manufacturing and printing your phone cards, we also individually wrap the cards in strings of 25, 50, or however many, to make for easy sales and storage.


Phone Card Printing at Colourfast

Secure data process – both in uploading and creating data, as well as throughout the production process

Scratch-off panels

Secure facility – Be confident in the knowledge that your product is secure until it reaches your customers!

Same design facilities and access to our Design Team as with our gift/loyalty cards

Are you in need of a new
design for your Phone Cards?

The Colourfast Printing design studio covers all your artwork requirements.
Our design team can help you to create imaginative and striking cards as well as high quality products, that will help your product stand out.

We will work with you to create a unique product that will fit all your requirements. We offer all manner of features – limited only by the imagination – our most commonly requested features on plastic Phone Cards include:
  • Variety of sizes and finishes – CR80 (‘normal’ size), CR80 with key tags, hang-tag cards
  • Variety of materials – Styrene, PVC, PLA, Vinyl, NatureWorks Ingeo Biopolymer, Eco degradable PVC, Teslin (Polyester), High Impact Polystyrene (HIP), Polypropylene. Paper and even Wood!
  • Magnetic strip and encoding
  • Drop-on-Demand (DOD) and thermal printing
  • Variable data printing
  • Foil stamping and Embossing
  • Scratch-off and signature panels

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Let us know what kind of Phone Cards you need

At Colourfast we are committed to providing the highest level of service with every customer being assigned a dedicated account manager. Our team of experts are ready to help!