Variable Information

Colourfast Printing offers variable data printing using thermal and inkjet methods. Variable data is perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards and more.

Colourfast foil stamping

Thermal Printing

Variable data, such as sequential or random numbers, contact information, and barcodes are all generally thermal printed. Variable data printing using the thermal process can only be done if there is an overlay finish on the cards (not available on matte finishes). If the cards have a UV coating, then thermal printing cannot be done. We can thermal print in black at no additional charge. However, there is an additional charge for silver or gold. Thermal printing in black on a dark background is not as visible as thermal printing on a lighter background. When black thermal printing is desired on a dark card, we can also add a white background behind the area that will be thermal printed.

Colourfast foil stamping

Inkjet Plastic Card Printing

This type of variable data printing is used mainly on special die cut cards. We use inkjet printing because we cannot thermal print the information on cards that are a unique size.

Card PRINTING services

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