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Plastic Cards Printing services

Need 100 or 1,000,000 Plastic Cards? Colourfast is your one-stop shop for the retail marketing of your branded cards. Whatever your printing needs, Colourfast will meet your requirements. If you need high-quality plastic cards at a competitive price, then look no further than Colourfast!

We will work with you to create a unique product that will fit all your requirements. We offer all manner of features – limited only by the imagination.

Grow your business and get larger profits with our wonderful range of gift cards.

Give something back to your best customers and bring in new ones! A well-run loyalty program is a fantastic way to help your business to grow.
Just tell us what phone card you need, and we can provide it for you! Lay your card out as you wish – with all the data, information & security features you need on one card.

Are you in need of a new
design for your Custom Plastic Card Printing?

The Colourfast Printing design studio covers all your artwork requirements.
Our design team can help you to create imaginative and striking cards as well as high quality products, that will help your product stand out.

We also have a great selection of sustainable and environmentally responsible options that have very little impact on the planet.

Colourfast Secure Card Technology Inc. is an official distributor of Pointman Thermal ID Printers. These machines are perfect for all your in-house printing needs, such as employee cards, and can even be used with RFID cards to ensure secure access to facilities. We can provide you with not only the machine but with all the materials required to operate it.

Put the name of your company and logo on display. At Colourfast Secure Card Technology Inc., we produce a wide range of high-quality marketing materials.

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At Colourfast we are committed to providing the highest level of service with every customer being assigned a dedicated account manager. Our team of experts are ready to help!