Card Finishes

When it comes to a finished product, it requires fine detail of a coloured texture finish. We allow a number of different style finishes ranging from gloss, matte, soft and metallic. Cars, for example have always had a variety of these style finishing texture options to accommodate the model and type of vehicle. Similarly, our card finishes utilize the same finishes to perfectly compliment the final product product. The finishes listed below can be applied to gift cards, business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and are just a few styles in that we specialize.


Gloss Finish

This striking coating provides but unassuming theme to the card. It is a bright and durable finish with a thick coat. A perfect choice for customers looking for a reliable card with a classic texture.

Matte Finish

This coating is not as strong as the gloss finish but the professional matte appearance adds a popular subtlety that explains its high demand. A further quality of the matte design is how it lends itself to any added writing blurbs or designs to its surface – the matte finish is perfect for easy readability for any extra messaging.


Scented Matte Finish

Scented matte finishes can also apply scents. Perfect for spas, massage therapists, florists or any business that wants to invoke the strongest sense.

Scents available:

Apple, Banana, Black Pepper, Blueberry, Camphor, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Citronella, Coconut, Coffee, Coke, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Grape, Grapefruit, Green Tea, Gum, Honey, Jasmine, Kiwi Fruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lilac, Lily, Mango, Marigold, Mint, Orange, Orchid, Osmanthus, Peach, Peony, Pine, Pineapple, Rose, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Sweet-scented, Tea Tree, Tuberose, Tulip, Vanilla, Watermelon, White Spirit

Soft Touch

This gentle blend is neither gloss nor matte but instead finds a perfect harmony between the two standards. Please contact our specialists for a further exploration of this unique coat.


UV Coat

UV coating is a gloss texture style that is used for one-time-use cards such as promotional cards. Be advised that once coated, thermal printing cannot be applied.

Writeable Matte Finish

This coating finish allows you to write on the card surface as you require, making it great for quick meets and networking and can offer a quick and handy place for extra names, phone numbers or information, as needed.


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