Card Accessories

plastic card hanger


Plastic Card Accessories

Not only we can produce your high-quality plastic gift or loyalty cards, we can also help you with your card packaging and presentation needs.

Our list of card accessories and finishing products is extensive – almost as unlimited as your imagination. Here at Colourfast not only we can design and manufacture card carriers and presenters, but also put your cards and carriers together into one powerfully effective package.


plastic card presenter

Custom Card Accessories

Feeling limited by the ‘hang-tag’ style of carrier? Don’t be! Your carriers can be as individual as the cards you create; our design team can help you to create presenters that will enhance, the effect of your card to grow your business – your card and your business will always be the stars!
Examples of accessories can be found here, but we can also prepare slip-sleeves, gift boxes and window presenters.

Need an introductory letter with your loyalty card? No problem! We can easily affix cards to an 8.5 x 11” sheet, barcoded and serialized to match your card…and, as official Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialists, we can mail them directly to your customers.

At Colourfast Secure Card Technology Inc., we pride ourselves on operating a completely secure facility to ensure all data about your business is protected. Our security measures extend beyond our production facilities and we operate an extremely strict entry/visitor policy. Moreover, our online/data transfer methods allow our customers to upload information with total confidence in its security. Safety of your product is always our top priority.

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