Is there a way to reduce the carbon footprint of the production?


If only there was a way to support the gift card industry while reducing the carbon foot print it leaves behind…easy! Just use eGift cards and eliminate the need for plastic cards altogether. Problem solved. No waste, no environmental damage and…no fun.

Who wants to open a Birthday Card and be told to check their email for the gift?

Even a printed-out eGift (which rather defeats the eco-friendly point of the eGift) is not exactly the height of gifting class. There’s nothing very special, when receiving a birthday card from a close friend or family member, about having a sheet of printer paper, folded into a square, with grainy black and white copy falling out of the envelope and being labeled as your gift.

This is why plastic gift cards are still widely chosen by consumers (and preferred by recipients) over the digital alternative – the majority of all gift cards sold and received today are of the plastic variety. This preference is largely based on the tangibility of a plastic card that you can hold in your hand, pass to a friend, keep in your wallet. They are a retailer’s dream! Set them up in front of customers at checkout for the impulse purchase – a last second decision made based on its convenience, simplicity and ease. Thoughtful without requiring much thought and guaranteed to please, even if only as something to add to their own personal re-gifting box!

Plastic is very much not going anywhere but is there a way to reduce the carbon footprint of the production? Well, yes, now there is…