RFID clawshell-Inkjet print

RFID Clawshell Card

  • Frequency: 125Khz,
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 85.4x54x1.8mm with oval hole, Dimention: 15x3mm
  • Printing: Silkscreen printing

Inkjet Print PVC Card

  • Size: CR80, 85.4x54mm
  • Surface: With special nano-coating on surface, it can absorb ink for inkjet printer printing
  • Printer models No.: Epson printer – L800, R320, R310, R350, R390, R270, R20, R285, R290, Rx680. t50, t60, A50, P50 etc. Canon printer – PIXMA, IP4600, IP4680, IP4760, IP4850, IP4950, IP4840, IP4940, IP4820, IP4920, IP4880 etc.
  • Options: All 125Khz/13.56Mhz/860-960Mhz RFID chips, Magnetic stripe, Contact IC chip.

RFID products

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